A Sample Advantis Home Inspection Report

Advantis - Sample Inspection Report
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The quality, and ease of understanding a clearly written report should be a major consideration when choosing a home inspector.   Your ability to get a solid picture of the properties condition will assist you in planning for maintenance/repairs, or for potential negotiations with all parties involved.

This sample report is not of one particular property, but a compilation of various past inspections, to offer you a representative look at conditions that may be found, and how I document and report them to you.   I include pictures whenever possible, along with a straight forward description of any discrepancies found, as well as a Summary Page to help you quickly find the important items in the report.  All listed items in the Summary are number/keyed to the main body of the report, so you have all the information at your fingertips.

Please note;  I do not offer "on site" reports.  I am more than happy to review the preliminary findings at the end of the inspection, should you choose to be present.   But, for your benefit, and to ensure a high quality report, after completing the site inspection, I will return to my office, review the findings and prepare a thorough, accurate report.   The inspection companies who advertise "on site" reports, are prone to mistakes and/or missed items, due to being rushed (so they can hurry to their next appointment), or by one of many simple distractions.   I don't rush through an inspection to finalize the report on site, nor would I expect to waste your time waiting for me to finish an "on site" document.  If your property requires more attention, due to size or age,  I'll take as long as necessary to get a complete picture of its condition.   Your property is my only focus until the report is finished and ready for delivery.

The finished report is sent to you via email as a PDF document, usually within 24 hrs.,  and typically sooner.

Should you have any questions about the process, or wish to discuss your report, please feel free to give me a call.



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