Why Hire Advantis as Your Home Inspector


I decided to become a home inspector in part because of what the home construction and remodeling industry has become.  Too many builders and remodelers are supplying inferior products, and they're finding more ways to hide the defects in their work.  You as a home buyer, need to have confidence in knowing your new purchase will not become a money pit.  I've remodeled 80 year old homes, new homes, and everything in between.   Each one presented unique challenges, and taught me to look harder for small indications of larger problems.  With 30 years of hands-on new & remodel construction experience,  I will notice problems a lesser experienced inspector may miss, simply because they may not know what they're looking at.  My experience in this regard helps protect you.

Every home owner or buyer needs an home inspector they have confidence in.   Without question, I'm your guy.  You should choose your inspector based on industry experience,  not price.     The question isn’t “why do some inspectors charge more?”, but rather, “what did my bargain home inspector miss or fail to disclose?”     The few extra dollars you spend on a qualified, experience, and certified home inspector will more than pay for itself.    Give me a call, I'll be happy to discuss any concerns you may have,  no obligation at all.   I'm easy to talk to,  give me a try, you'll be happy you did.

I have a proven personal and professional reputation for impeccable  integrity and honesty.  I won't sugar coat a problem, I'll give you the straight facts, without being an alarmist.  If you're buying a house,  I'll help you understand it's condition, and make you aware of any issues that may be potential problems.  If you're selling, I can help you identify problem areas, so you have an opportunity to correct any issues before hand,  thereby making the selling process smoother for all parties involved.    I can also help you with your one year builders warranty inspection,  formally identifying issues for your follow up with your builder.

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