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My name is Dan Fitzner.   Unlike most professionals you hire, you probably won't meet me until our appointment.   In addition, different inspectors have varying experience, equipment, qualifications, reporting methods, and rates.  Ultimately, a home inspection depends heavily on the individual inspectors' commitment and effort.  Should you honor me by permitting me to inspect your new home,  I guarantee I will give you my very best.   Consider this MY PROMISE TO YOU.


I've earned a strong reputation over the years as a very straight forward person, with a commitment for excellent work, and the ability to put my customers interests first.  During my 30 year career in construction/remodeling and home inspection,  I've always strived to complete inspections with the utmost care, to get it right the first time, and without being an alarmist.  This holds true regardless of how difficult or time consuming the situation is.   I show up on time, I'm easy to approach, easy to talk to, and always happy to discuss any concerns you may have, either before, or after the inspection.

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