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quality home inspections in Mesquite Texas by advantis home inspection, pllc.

I include freebies worth $275.00 at absolutely no charge to you.  Home inspections performed by Advantis Home Inspection, receive a FREE INFRARED SURVEY of the structure and systems,  a FREE FOUNDATION LEVELNESS CHECK with use a altimeter Zip Level,  and immediate inclusion in our BUY BACK GUARANTEE.


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At Advantis Home Inspection PLLC,  I personally inspect the home, and I firmly commit to seeing my customers receive an unbiased, fair, and honest assessment of property.   I am happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your home inspection, before and after the inspection.  Feel completely free to call me,  I am very easy to talk to and willing to help in any way I can.  My goal to help home buyers learn the real condition of the home, so they can make an educated decision on their investment.

Advantis Home Inspection PLLC offers a better, more comprehensive home inspection with use of specialty high-end equipment,  and over 30 years of hand on experience in residential remodel/construction and home inspection.  I am also a fully trained and Certified Residential Thermographer -which means I can actually evaluate infrared anomalies (as opposed to just showing you a thermal image and guessing, as some lesser inspectors are known to do).   This give you a better, more thorough home inspection than other inspection firms can or are willing to offer.

The computer generated inspection report is supplied to you in a PDF format, with clear, concise, simply to understand wording,  so you can fully understand the issues.   A summary page is included so you can proceed with your negotiations as soon as possible,  and the defects are supported with color photos attached to the descriptions of the problems.   This makes it so much easyier for you to personally identify where and what the defect looks like, as well as any repair contractors to know exactly what to fix.   Over all, it puts you in a much better, safer position.

Call Dan NOW at 972-768-8076 to schedule your home inspection,  or ask any question.  The sooner you get things rolling, the more time you'll have to make your decision and/or negotiate the final purchase price.   Let Advantis Home Inspection PLLC help you make an informed buying decision.   Call Dan NOW  972-768-8076

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