Buyers Inspection

Family standing arm in arm viewing front of new home after home inspection

A critical part of buying any home is getting the home inspected, by an experienced, certified, and licensed home inspector.  The home inspection gives the home buyers  an in depth look at the condition of various parts of the home, and its systems.  Home buyers are made aware of repairs needed, future maintenance issues, as well which parts of the home which are working fine.  All of this information is supplied to you in a written report, with supporting pictures, to document the condition of the home,  and assist you in your negotiation for repairs and/or final selling price.  The home inspection is a valuable tool for home buyers to learn whether the purchase they are considering is a good investment.  Advantis Home Inspection, PLLC,  is your best bet to discover the actual condition of your future home. 


Every home full home inspection includes a FREE !!  INFRARED SURVEY by a fully trained and CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL THERMOGRAGHER (CRT),  as well as a FREE !!  FOUNDATION LEVELNESS CHECK


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