New Construction Pre-Closing Inspection/Advantis Home Inspection,PLLC

Front view of new home under construction prior to Advantis Home inspection walk through

Why do you need a Pre-Closing home inspection on a brand new house?

Its easy to think,  well,  its a new house,  I have a builders warranty, and they say they will fix any problems.   Why would I spend extra money?


I firmly believe that most builders do their best to supply a good product to their customer,  but unfortunately most homes are built with sub-contractors, who in turn hire inexperienced laborers to do the majority of the work.  The builder or his representative doesn't always have the time,  experience to notice, or even want to address potential problems.


New home owners readily and mistakenly accept a builder promise they will make all necessary repairs once you are moved in.  And that may happen, but too many times it becomes a real struggle to get any response from the builder,  or any real commitment to finish the house.   Not to mention the constant disruption to your life.    Once the house has closed and they receive your money, they loose interest in your concerns fast.


Just because the city building inspector, and the builders superintendent says the house has a Certificate Of Occupancy, and is ready for move in,,,Doesn't mean the house is finished, or completed correctly.    We've found issues with new builds like; Missing insulation, Incorrectly installed roofing and roof flashings,  Open and charged electrical wiring,  Damaged attic framing due to HVAC or Plumbing installations, Incorrectly installed attic ladders,  Dangerous wiring in electrical panels, Fireplace flue too close to combustible materials or a Missing Fire Block, Incorrect Landscape drainage, and much more.     And don't be confused or fooled by the "Builders Home Inspection" included as part of the final walk through;  The companies they hire do nothing more than a superficial walk through to acquaint you with your new home.   


You really need an independent Professional Home Inspection to take a critical look at all of the house systems, construction, and finishes,  BEFORE you close on your home.  Its surprising how motivated a builder will be when the closing is held up until all necessary repairs are completed.


Be very aware of any builder who tries to block you from getting an independent, unbiased inspection.  Are they trying to hide something?   A good builder should have no problem with someone inspecting his work.    


Advantis Home Inspection will supply you with a written report, along with pictures, explaining in easy to understand terms, exactly what issues need to be addressed, and/or which professional contractors are needed to insure repairs/corrections are made to current industry standards.   Every full home inspection includes a FREE !!  INFRARED SURVEY by a fully trained and CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL THERMOGRAGHER (CRT),  as well as a FREE !!  FOUNDATION LEVELNESS CHECK


A Pre-Closing Inspection by an experienced and Certified Professional Home Inspector will save you money in the long run, and alleviate a lot of headaches.


Please feel free to contact Dan at any time if you have questions, or just need a little guidance.  I'm happy to discuss any concerns you may have.