How much will my home inspection cost?     The cost of an inspection varies contingent upon the square footage, age of the house, and structural elements.  You really should refrain from choosing your inspector based on price alone.  All home inspectors are not equal and do not bring the same knowledge, experience, ethics, and honesty to the project . 


For most people the purchase of a home can be the single biggest investment they will ever make.    It just makes good sense to hire an experienced independent inspector who will protect you,  keep your best interests at heart,  and provide you with a thorough, in-depth, and comprehensive inspection report.    Here is something else to consider;  Everyone else involved in your home buying transaction,  has a vested interest in getting you to say yes, and buy the house.  As an independent home inspector,  I work for you and only you.  I have no financial interest or gain whether you buy the house or not.   My only concern is helping you make an informed decision, by giving you a superior,  assessment of the home.


A considerable risk is involved, and the wrong decision can have serious consequences.  A home inspection by Advantis Home Inspection PLLC can significantly reduce this risk and give you valuable information to assist in making the right decision.   We automatically include a FREE INFRARED SURVEY,   a FREE FOUNDATION LEVELNESS CHECK, with every full home inspection.  Home buyers and sellers, are also included in our BUY BACK GUARANTEE, when a full home inspection or pre-listing inspection is done by Advantis Home Inspection, PLLC.  These FREE items add $275.00 of value to your inspection,  at no charge to you, and you get a much better, more thorough inspection !!


Our customers receive a modern, computer generated inspection report in a PDF format, which can easily be referred to for years.   The report is written in an easy to understand narrative style,  with supporting pictures of the issues found, and a summary page of the important defects - so you can move forward quickly.


Advantis home inspection, pllc.  pricing

       *Payment for services is due and payable at the time of inspection. (Cash, Check, PayPal)

  •  Single Family up to 1500 Sq. Ft........$350.00
  • Single Family 1501-2500 Sq. Ft.........$400.00
  • Single Family 2501-3000 Sq. Ft.......$450.00
  • Single Family  3001 Sq. Ft. and larger....$500.00 PLUS $0.15  per Sq.ft over 3000 Sq. Ft.  
  • Any Single item inspection (roof/plumbing/electrical/structural/etc)...$150.00
  • Detached Garages, Out buildings with electrical or plumbing,  and Homes  30 yrs and older, Add........$80.00 each.
  • Pier & Beam foundations  Add....$100.00
  • Re-inspection Fee (to confirm proper repairs only- not a full home inspection).....$150.00

 NOTE:  1)  Fees are subject to change based on actual property conditions.

               2)  Pools and Lawn Sprinkler systems not offered at this time.