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why should you have a pre-listing Home inspection?

There are advantages to having your home inspected prior to listing it for sale.     A pre-listing home inspection will give you a heads up on the condition of your home, giving you time to assess any problems, and make repairs on your schedule.    Time to find the best contractor(s), and best price for the repairs.   A pre-listing home inspection shows potential  buyers the true condition of the house and the extent of repairs made.   This allows home buyers to feel more comfortable, and to trust they're making the right decision when making an offer.   Ultimately this gives you an advantage over other sellers so the house will sell faster, AND most likely for a higher price (since the problems have been corrected).   A pre-listing home inspection can also save you money; There won't be any re-negotiations for exaggerated repair costs.   There won’t be any surprises during the sale process, so less stress, and everyone wins.  


If you want to get the highest price when selling your home,  you should definitely get it inspected by a Certified Professional Home Inspector .  Call/text/or email Dan at ADVANTIS HOME INSPECTION, PLLC  for an honest, professional, and thorough home inspection in the DFW area.


Every home full home inspection includes a FREE !!  INFRARED SURVEY by a fully trained and CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL THERMOGRAGHER (CRT),  as well as a FREE !!  FOUNDATION LEVELNESS CHECK.   And every pre-listing inspected home, is included in our BUY BACK GUARANTEE,  which is transferred to the buyer at closing.   This is a great way to set your house apart.