Why Hire Advantis as Your Home Inspector

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I am a fully Insured & licensed TREC Professional Home Inspector.  I also carry General Liability insurance for your protection.  I'm a member of the International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), and a Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT).   I've inspected hundreds of houses over the years and have the experience to thoroughly inspect your home.  You as a home buyer, need to have confidence in knowing your new purchase will not become a money pit.  I've remodeled 80 year old homes, new homes, and everything in between.   Each one presented unique challenges, and taught me to look harder for small indications of larger problems.  With 30 years of hands-on new & remodel construction experience,  I will notice problems a lesser experienced inspector may miss, simply because they won't know what they're looking at.  My experience in this regard helps protect you.


Every home owner or buyer needs a home inspector they can trust.   Without question, I'm your guy.  You should choose your inspector based on industry experience,  not price.     The question isn’t “why do some inspectors charge more?”, but rather, “what did my bargain home inspector miss or fail to disclose?”     The few extra dollars you spend on a qualified, experience, and certified home inspector will more than pay for itself.    Give me a call, I'll be happy to discuss any concerns you may have,  no obligation at all.   I'm easy to talk to,  give me a try, you'll be happy you did.



I have a proven personal and professional reputation for impeccable  integrity and honesty.  I won't sugar coat a problem, I'll give you the straight facts, without being an alarmist.  If you're buying a house,  I'll help you understand it's condition, and make you aware of any issues or potential problems.  If you're selling, I can help you identify problem areas, so you have an opportunity to correct them before hand,  thereby making the selling process smoother for all parties involved.    I can also help you with your 11-month builders warranty inspection,  formally identifying issues for your follow up with your builder.

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getting a Home Inspection is a very smart move;

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Its the best way to protect yourself and your investment decision.


 Now, you need to ask yourself some serious questions;

1. What makes a excellent home inspector?

 2. Will he do a good job, take care of me, be my advocate, and reduce my stress?

 3. What will the home inspection cover?


Q. What makes an excellent home inspector?

A. According to U.S. News & World Report- Finding a home inspector who is qualified,

honest, fair and has integrity,  is of the utmost importance.   Choose a home inspector who will work for you, an inspector who is neutral.  Find an inspector who is a certified member of a trade association, like the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors  (InterNACHI).  Being a certified member shows the home inspector is serious about his business and his customers,  has gone through a testing and certification process, stays up to date with continuing education and adheres to a strict code of ethics, and standards.

A home inspector with strong and extensive experience in home construction and remodeling, like a former General Contractor, are typically the most qualified.   You need an inspector with over 30 years of hands-on experience building and remodeling homes.  A deep knowledge of home structure, plumbing, electrical, drainage, and more,  is critical to an inspectors ability to recognize problems.    Don't trust one of your biggest decisions to an ex-shoe salesman with no industry experience.      Trust a home inspector with experience,  Trust Advantis Home Inspection, to take care of you.


Q. Will he do a good job, take care of me, be my advocate, and reduce my stress?

A. A great home inspector will  be detail focused, straight forward, have strong

       integrity and most importantly, put his client's interest first above all else.  It's the

       inspectors responsibility to identify as much about the condition of the property

       as possible, so you can make an informed, piece of mind,  decision about your



Q. What will the home inspection cover?

A. A good home inspector will go over ever inch of the home, (this includes getting

        into the attic and/or floor crawl space), checking the systems for condition and

        working order.  The inspector will record the things that need correction, offer

        advise on repairs, and if needed - recommend the type of specialist best suited

        for the situation. 

        My primary mission is to take a hard, close look at the property and to supply

        you with a  detailed, readable and understandable inspection report, which

        covers the structure and operating systems.   Areas I inspect include;

        Structure, Drainage, Roofing System, Heating/Ventilation & Air Conditioning

        Systems,  Plumbing Systems, and Appliances.     For a more detailed list of

        components & systems inspected,  click here.