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 Every full Advantis Home Inspection comes with inclusion in our BUY BACK GUARANTEE,  a FREE INFRARED SURVEY,  and a FREE FOUNDATION LEVEL CHECK,  at no addition cost to you.  That's an added value to your inspection of $275.00.    You may ask,  why would I just give away these items and services?  Well, I've always prided myself in providing the best service or product possible, whether it was remodeling a home, or inspecting one.   This is just my way to ensure you are getting the absolute best inspection available.


I'm available with an easily by phone,  Call Dan NOW  972-768-8076


Hiring Advantis Home Inspection PLLC is one of the best decisions you can make,  to be assured your future residence has been thoroughly inspected to the fullest possible degree.  I am  a full member of InterNachi,  and a Certified Residential Thermographer (infrared),  with over 30 years of residential remodel/construction, and home inspection experience.  I provide a modern computerized inspection report detailing all problems and defects discovered, which includes supporting pictures and a summary page of the important issues.   The home inspection report is written in very clear,  easy to understand,  narrative explanations of all issues noted during the inspection.   You'll have no problems getting a clear understanding of what needs to be corrected or monitored,  which will assist you when verifying the repair work was done correctly.

My years of specialized, hands-on training and experience will alert me to small indicators of hidden problems, other less experienced inspectors will miss.   I use expensive, high end, specialize equipment and tools to give you a superior inspection,  one you can trust and rely on.  

I leave nothing to chance when it comes to inspecting your future home.   I get into every nook and cranny humanly possible,  and if an area is inaccessible, this is where infrared comes in.   As a Certified Residential Thermographer,  I have the training and experience to interpret if there is a thermal anomaly present, and what it actually means.   I don't guess!!  Please beware of inspectors who claim to use infrared, but are actually using cheap $100 cameras, or units that clip to their phones.   These cheap units cannot,  repeat cannot,  give you the level of detail needed to decipher what an anomaly is.   Example;  when checking an electrical service panel,  I use a FLIR E8 camera which cost in excess of $3000, but will show the difference between a loose wire connection, vs a bad breaker, vs just a breaker under load (delivering power to somewhere in the house).  Cheap inspectors, using cheap tools, will only be able to tell you there is a hot spot - and most likely recommend having an electrician investigate,,, when there may not be a problem at all!  They will just scare you and waste your time.  

This is just one reason why hiring Advantis Home Inspection is your best choice.   My inspection will give you real information, and piece of mind in moving forward with your real estate investment.  Choose the right inspector- Choose Advantis Home Inspection PLLC.

So, why wait any longer,  time is important to keep your home buying adventure moving along.
Call NOW -  Dan 972-768-8076 -  to schedule you home inspection.  I am easy to approach,  friendly and easy to talk to.   Give me a call with any question,  be it construction related, or information concerning your inspection.

Call Dan 972-768-8076 NOW,    You can trust I will take care of you with an ethical, unbiased, honest home inspection.

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