How to Prepare for an Advantis Home Inspection

 It's important to prepare the property for the inspection. 

  • You should have all information about the property available when you're ready to schedule the home inspection (IE:  Year built, Square footage, Number of stories, Crawl Space?,Pool?, Lawn sprinkler?, Out Buildings? ) 
  • Let the inspector know if you have any areas of concern.
  • You're welcome to attend the inspection, although it's not mandatory.
  • The inspection agreement must be signed prior to start of the inspection (this can be done on-line).
  • Fee is due in full by the end of your scheduled appointment.
Inspectors do not move or relocate personal property or storage items, due to liability issues.  You should check the following items prior to the inspection appointment;
  1. All areas are clear, accessible and unlocked, IE: Doors, Attics, Closets, Crawl space, etc.
  2. Utilities are on: Water, Electric, and Gas.
  3. Electrical Panels, and Sub-Panels (if applicable) are accessible and unlocked.
  4. Furnace, Cooling System, and Water Heater are accessible.
  5. Built-in appliances are accessible.
  6. All pets are restrained, or secured so as not to impede the inspection process.